Mary Ann Livingston

Writer, Coach, Teacher, Author


In April 2013 Nebbadoon Press published Find Your Voice and Take the Lead: A Studentís Guide to Public Speaking, the book Donald Sterrett and I co-authored.
Itís a textbook based on our teaching method. A method that we have found to be effective both in the workplace and in the classroom.

The bookís publication is a milestone on a journey to help individuals everywhere discover their own voices, tell their stories and speak out on subjects that concern them.


Iím a writer, coach, teacher and author.

Writer: for over 30 years Iíve written articles for newspapers and magazines; newsletters, PR releases and more recently blogs for business clients; speeches, video scripts and seminars for executives at Fortune 500 companies and NGOís.

Coach: I help individuals speak confidently on stage, on camera, and at events large and small.

Teacher: beginning in 2007 I have taught classes in public speaking to students in LA and in Boston.

Author: with co-author, Donald Sterrett, I wrote Find Your Voice and Take the Lead: A Studentís Guide to Public Speaking. Our next book is scheduled for publication in 2014.

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Find Your Voice helps students gain the writing and speaking skills to become effective public speakers.